In the North-Central area of the Venezuelan coastal mountain range, there is a region known as the “Altos Mirandinos[1]”, with a slightly cold climate (15 °C) and elevations up to 1.600 meters A.S.L. Many natural wells spring and nourish Zenda Mineral Water, already naturally filtered and protected by an antediluvian rocky formation.

Zenda Mineral Water is a renowned product due to its quality processes and differs from other brands. Zenda Mineral Water has bicarbonate calcic features, free of sodium, low mineralization and the product is not exposed to treatments that could change its original composition.

Consumers located in the Metropolitan Area of Caracas and Los Teques are familiar and prefer Zenda Mineral Water over other brands, where the product has been delivered on a personal basis for the past 35 years. The product’s quality is assured and supervised by our quality assurance department and regulatory bureaus, from its initial phases up to the process where the water is bottled. Following current regulations, every process involved is subject to strict control measures through the identification of present elements in the water.

When you taste Zenda Mineral Water you will experience a sense of pleasure. Thanks to its pureness and low nitrate concentration, the product is highly recommended for infant consumption as well as the entire family.

Zenda’s Innovations

Set up of a new automated production line to bottle 1 gallon (3,785 liters) plastic bottles, which will offer a leading edge in product distribution throughout the entire nation. The gallon sized bottles is rather convenient, since it fits in all refrigerators and not to mention that such size is widely distributed in the region of North America (U.S.A., Canada and Mexico) and many nations of the European Community.

ZENDA Still S.C(P.E.T)
- 10 x 8 = 80
- 24 x 0.5 l.
- 16.9fl.oz. / 0.5 l.
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